What is subconscious attraction?

Whenever you meet a girl and try to make her like you, you have to display certain characteristics that make you desirable. If you fail to display them, you will have a really hard time getting her to like you. But why is it then, that some men don't even try but still succeed with attracting most girls they meet? Well, the reason for this is that they attract girls subconsciously.

Men who attract girls subconsciously are called "naturals". That's because they are naturally successful with women and have no problems being attractive to girls. They can just go up to most women and instantly get positive feedback from them. They never worry about getting rejected or feeling desperate for a girl's attention. To them, attracting women comes as naturally as breathing.

Guys who aren't naturals – that's about 99% of men – have problems with attracting women. This varies from man to man but most likely the majority of them suffer from inadequacy issues and anxieties when it comes to attracting women. Some will try to compensate that with things like money or physical appearance but deep down, they aren't any better than the rest.

For guys like that, they only solution is to display they qualities of a natural and go through the same things naturals do – approach girls whether they like it or not. But the qualities they need to display are mainly confidence and people skills. That's because if you are confident and know how to talk to other people, you are already way ahead of other men, and sometimes this is all you need.

Although most men have a disadvantage when compared to a natural guy, they can still start doing the same things he does. All they need to do is to let go of their insecurities and start approaching girls and with some time and effort, they will start to see results. Then they will start to subconsciously attracting girls.

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