Types Of Gynecologists That You Can Consult

A gynaecologist is a surgeon whose major area of specialization is the treatment of diseases related to women’s health and the female genital tract. There are four types of gynaecologists. The obstetrician gynaecologists are experts in parental care and pregnancy management. They perform the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders in women and offer Pap test screening, preventive care and detect STI transmitted diseases.

Urogynaecologists asses and  treat women suffering from   pelvic floor disorder like  pelvic organ prolapse.Pelvic floor  includes ligaments ,muscles, nerves and  connective tissues which support the bladder rectum, uterus and vigina.The pelvic floor can be damaged by childbirth or  chronic disease. The obstetrician redcliffe treats these disorders through reconstructive surgery or by nonsurgical means.

Reproductive endocrinologists specialize in treating reproductive disorders such as infertility. Some of their patients include men. They also specialize in treating hormonal disorder, pregnancy loss, menopause, menstrual problems and infertility. If you want to venture and specialize in this field, you need to complete a two or three year clinical fellowship.

Gynaecologic oncologist have specialized skills in treating cancer in the reproductive organs. They treat different types of cancer in the female reproductive system such as uterine cancer, vulva cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer. They have skills such as urological surgery, gastrointestinal and radical pelvic surgery.

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