Super Family Complex review


            Punky Knight • Kozo Yohei • Eros MangErotica (1996–2007) • Akaneshinsha (1995–2005) • 3 issues • Yuri, Martial Arts, Adult • 18+ (nudity, graphic)

Haikyuu Manga

            It starts out as a story about a lesbian karate master, with art vaguely reminiscent of Toshiki Yui, but quickly grows into its own as the art style develops into something more “plus-sized.” The women aren’t obese, just well endowed, plump, and maybe even a bit thunder-thighed. At the same time, the plot drifts away from a dialogue-heavy lesbian romp (using Ayumi’s “superfist” just as expected) to more typical futanari (she-male) manga. The art is quite good, especially for those who prefer women with some meat on their bones instead of waifs or lolicon. In Japan, the material was originally printed as a portion of Punky Knight (English title Spunky Knight). 



            Super Family Complex (SUPER ) • Wolf Ogami • Eros MangErotica (1996–2007) • Fujimi Shuppan (1993) • 4 volumes • Adult • 18+ (nudity, graphic)

Fist of the North Star Manga

            All about the “ultimate taboo,” this is the story of Yuu and the epic battle of reason versus instinct as he just can’t stop himself from helping himself to his mother and sister. There are a few side stories (also usually about incest), but the central focus is on the family affair. The art and the are both extremely simple and straightforward—the character designs could have come out of a Sunday paper. The manga stands out with the humorous battles between personified reason and instinct that always take place in Yuu’s mind before he inevitably gives in to lust. That sense of humor pervades the entire manga, keeping it from being just a simply drawn romp between family members. The original Japanese title is a pun on “Super Famicom,” the Japanese name for Super Nintendo. In English, the series was published under the names Super Taboo, Super Taboo Extreme, and Super Taboo XXX (in that order). As of April 2007, Super Taboo XXX has not been collected in graphic novel form. 

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