Importance of Traffic Surveys

It is an essential requirement for transport planners to obtain a sound understanding of the actual conditions on the ground for successful planning of the transport, in order to predict the conditions that would take place in future. The only way to achieve this is by obtaining an exact measure of traffic numbers.

This might be expanded to encapsulate vehicle speed and the vehicle types. If more detailed data is required then the journey length, the reason of the journey and the occurrence of the journey may also be needed to determine. You can know about the bus from las vegas to los angeles providing hassle free travelling at feasible rates.

There are numerous types of traffic survey or counting methods used on traffic networks ranging from road tubes, manual counting and cameras to questionnaire and telephone survey.Most transport planning consultants are familiar with almost all types of traffic surveys but they predominantly use camera technology.

A video survey can be used unlike manually counted traffic surveys with staff counting on-site for other purposes such as looking at pedestrian behavior or at the behavior of driver, determining queue lengths or even identifying issues that may not be known.

Surveys are used for a wide variety of purposes including helping to resolve local, regional and national traffic issues. In particular, the information gathered plays a main role in informing the decision making process in transport planning.

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