Food And Cuisine In Georgia

When we travel around the world, we will always look for the best local cuisine offered by the country we travel to. Travelling to Georgia is no exception. Georgia has many local delights that will spur your appetite and make you order for more. They are also cheap and affordable, which is a bonus for those looking for a decent meal with a good food budget.

Georgia is most famous for its meat dumplings, also known as Khinkali. It is a juicy dumpling made from beef, pork and lamb. The filling also consists of traditional Georgia spice and herbs for unique flavor. Be sure to eat the dumpling using your bare hands as it is considered a polite gesture to Georgian host.

Another local cuisine would be their eggplant salad. It is a healthy dish filled with many vegetables as ingredients and has a slightly spicy flavor to it. Be sure to try out their chicken tabaka filled with hazelnut sauce. The pan fried chicken more commonly known by its traditional name chicken tabaka is a dish that you will not regret and leave you asking for more.

There is an endless list of delicious local cuisine that is most satisfying to your taste buds. You will never run of food to try in Georgia.

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