All About Silestone Countertops

Silesstone really does offer a very simple beauty and elegance to kitchen decor. it delivers a great quality to kitchens, and a brilliant clarity and radiance which is truly one of  a kind for countertops. For granite worktops york, you can visit which offers different range of Granite flooring tiles and Quartz tiles all at great prices.

How are siltstones cleaned?

A countertop made of this material can be cleaned regularly with mild soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or those that have harsh acids. Also use a soft absorbent cloth rather than Brills pads which may scratches the glossy surfaces, making them dull over time.



Properties of siltstones countertops:

Heat resisteance: these hardy countertops can takes anything, from piping hot soup pots to freezing cold ice cream tumblers on their surfaces. unlike other synthetic materials like Formica or laminates which can easily warp or get burn stains from extremes in temperatures, silestones doesn’t show any sigh of buckling no matter how hot or cold an object put on top of it may be.

Durability: this stone is said to have four times the flexural strength of granite, making it less prone to damage during transport, fabrication, installation and daily use.

This refers to the degree of flexibility coupled with its resistance to damage.

Stain resistance: granite need to have sealant applied on it to make it impervious to spills and staining.silestones countertops, on the other hand are engineered to keep any sort of chemical from penetrating their surfaces. Thus you won’t have to fuss about accidentally spilling juice, oil, tea, coffee or wine on your beautiful countertops.

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