A Brief Overview of Salaries in the Estate lawyers Field

Many people consider the legal field because of the perception that salaries there are very high. However, the truth is that there is a wide variation in the compensation amounts paid to those in this field. Highly recognized attorneys command high salaries, but lawyers who have not yet achieved partner status in large firms can work very long hours under high pressure at salaries that seem high until they are considered on a per hour basis.  You can look for estate lawyers salaries from various online sources.

Generally, estate lawyers who have a law school education and who have passed the State Bar exams can expect to bring in a median salary of more than $110,000. These statistics are applied to those attorneys who are employees rather than self-employed or partners in a firm. Attorneys who are just starting out have a median salary of under $70,000 annually at the end of the first nine months after graduation from law school. Typically, those lawyers who establish their own practice may have to take on part time work in another field in order to pay the bills.

Just over one quarter of practicing attorneys are self-employed. The rest are employed by businesses, law firms or other corporations, both for-profit and not-for-profit corporations. Many are employed by government entities. These include local, county, state and federal government. Of the attorneys working for government entities, most are paid by local government agencies. In the Federal government positions, most lawyers are employed by the Departments of Justice, Treasury or Defense. The salaries vary depending on the level of responsibility and the location of the position.

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